Monday, 21 February 2011

But Now We've Found It.

Hello. Just popping in to tell you to listen to this song as I am currently in love with it. Well the whole album is pretty good really so if you've got some time and havn't already it's worth a listen. I admit I'm a bit behind the times but I was caught up in the Sweet Disposition hype (still a massive tune) and nothing else really measured up. But now I see my mistake. So I give you Temper Trap..

(OK, I didn't realise they'd actualy released it and got a video. Mental. Still..)

Currently spend way too much of my time trawling through lookbook and we heart it so am spending way too much of my time trying to actually do something with my hair and make a half decent outfit out of my wardrobe and as all my usual shops have been letting me down lately I've had to resort to pulling out clothes I havn't worn in ages/ever. Which I suppose is better for the bank account..but clothes make me happy..if I find anything I'll be sure to let you know :D