Sunday, 5 December 2010

Kate Made Me.

I'm becoming a rubbish blogger. Can't keep up now I've got Twitter as well :/ Will try harder..but for now..this :)

Why did you create your blog?
Because I was bored. And I wanted to put pretty pictures up and talk about music and stuff :)

What kind of blogs do you follow?
The ones I mainly read are ones fom people I know because I'm a bit nosey like that :) And I like photography ones too..

Favourite make up brand?
The only make up I wear is mascara when I go out and the only mascara I've found that doesn't just clump my lashes is Avon. And when I used to wear eyeliner I got Avon so I'll go Avon :)

Favourite clothing brand?
Topshop and Zara usually have stuff I like..Miss Selfridge are good for fancy dresses, not that I have an excuse or money to buy fancy dresses :(

Your indespensable make up product?
I could actually survive without mascara, I just like to make an effort I'm going out or it's a special occasion or whatevs :)

Your favourite colour?
Blue or purple or yellow.

Your favourite film?
All depends on my mood. I go through phases with films, I used to have a POTC obsession, then I watched Moulin Rouge a lot, Fight Club had a obsessional period, as did 500 Days Of December it's Christmas films, Love Actually, The Grinch and Elf being faves :)

What country would you like to visit and why?
ALL OF THEM. Just to say I have.
Actually, when I say all of them, I'm not too fussed about African countries or India really I mean A LOT of them :)

Write the last question and answer it yourself.

Why are you leaving Spoons after a month?
Because I hate it and it angers me and I never see anyone because the hours are WANK aaand I think I've got enough money saved to keep me going until I can find another job.
Just don't tell my mum.

And now...pretty pictures from we heart it....YAAAAY.

Found a similar picture in Kerrang magazine a while ago..had it stuck on my wall since..gotta love Blink :)

Always had a bit of a thing for ripped tights..if I used to get a ladder in my tights when I was younger, before I took them off I would always rip them up more..just for the lolz :)

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Our Breathing Has Got Too Loud.

I couldn't decide whether I wanted to blog about clothes or music or films so instead I'm just gonna post some pictures from we heart it :)

Oh and look at this dress from Miss Selfridge I would buy if I had somewhere to wear it. Oh and a lot of money. I would also have to have her necklace and shoes.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Sugar And Spice.

Had a bit of a girly past few days..mainly down to the music..(most of the artists of which I have slight girl crushes on..those not included here include Pixie Lott, Ke$ha, Katy Perry..)listened to Cheryl Cole's album (not the new one as that is only available for "spotify premium"..EURGH) and actually some of the songs were pretty catchy..for example this one...

Also finding this song pretty catchy..even though now I've had it pointed out to me it DOES rip Red Hot Chili Peppers' Under The Bridge just a tad..

Also rediscovered this one on the walk home yesterday..

I particularly like the line "might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me" as there are a number of clothes I would steal from the boy if he would let me..I've already managed to nab a hoodie he shrunk in the tumble dryer, a Mr Potato head t shirt and an over sized Tottenham Pavlyuchenko shirt :) I would happily steal this sweater but I also like him in it so it's a pickle..

Talking of clothes I have been perusing the internet sites ready for when I get paid (if I EVER get paid that is..) Zara let me down but found some nice things on Topshop..

 This one would be in compromise for not being allowed the boy's.

Just because I can get in miserable moods quite a bit and this could help me snap out of it :)

That was it really..found some boots on Asos but they're ever so slightly too expensive and, as always, are not in my size :( So seeing as shopping has let me down, I think I'll just stick with the musical girly side :)

Monday, 1 November 2010

Lazy Blogging.

Feeling uninspired. So theived this off Kate.

When was the last time you went to a funeral?
I never have. The only one I've ever had a chance to go to was my Grandad's when I was 11 but I didn't want to go. (That was nothing against him btw, I just didn't fancy a funeral)

Do you like flowers?
They're alright. I like it in the summer when my mum gets nice bright ones. I'm not an overly floral person though.

When you last drank alcohol, how much did you drink?
Er, it must've been on a Kopperberg..2/3 glasses of least 2 VKs but it all gets rather hazy then :/

And did you get drunk because of it?
Yep. Thankfully to my bank account it doesn't take much :)

Who are you listening to right now?
Cold War Kids. Still got my pod on shuffle from the walk home from work, CWK are usually a band that doesn't get skipped through.

What perfume do you wear?
I don't. I've always liked the idea of having a "signiture scent" but most perfumes have this weird smell that gets to the back of my throat. They're also expensive and MAJOR cba to find one I like. So it's Charlie Pink body spray for me :D

Would you like to have a black bedroom?
Black bedrooms remind me of Tracy Beaker (I think she had one in The Dare Game or summink?) To be honest my bedroom walls are covered with stuff anyway so the colour of the walls doesn't really matter. I wouldn't mind a whole wall of blackboard though..something to doodle on :)

Do you still own any VHS tapes?
YES. We still have all our videos from childhood (although The Parent Trap seems to have gone walkabout :( )..luckily my TV, although about 12 inches wide, is one of those TV/VHS player combi things so I get to watch fuzzy videos whenever the urge hits me :)

Have you ever fallen in love with a best friend?
No. Done.

Does your house have a fireplace?
No. But dw, Santa can still get in using his magic key :)

Is there anything you want to do but are afraid to?
Nope. There are things I want to do (drive, travel) but I'm not currently doing them due to money/lack of organisational skills :)

When was the last time you got a haircut?
September? I'm not very good at getting my takes about a month of me telling people I need a haircut before I actually get round to booking one.

When was the last time you yawned?
I don't know, it's not really something I keep a record of.

Have you ever thought you would never get over someone?
Probs. But I'm over them now so it's all good :)

Do you prefer My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy?
I love them both but I think due to the solid year of fanaticism when I was 15/16 I'm going to have to say FOB :D

Have you had eight glasses of water today? 
No but I've had quite a bit though, I drunk a lot at work and I always carry a bottle of water round with me (I am not a happy person when dehydrated.)

Do you have any nerdy hobbies?
I would like to say reading but I havn't read in aaaages mainly because I havn't had a good book. But I do really like reading. I also like learning (that sounds weird right? But I like understanding stuff..even if it is football) if that counts as a "hobby". And I used to really enjoy writing philosophy essays. I liked arguing a point and then finding a counter argument and then finding a counter counter arguemnt...again not really a HOBBY but probs a bit nerdy :/

Say something nice about someone you don't care for: many people to choose from...ok.....some of your clothes are nice.

Would you rather work for a long time without doing much work or for a shorter time but be rushed off your feet?
First one. I hate it when everyone working in a place gets stressed and then I get stressed and then I muck something up and everyone hates me......working busy nights at Spoons will be AWESOME.

What was the last thing to perplex you?
I don't know. Things people do perplex me, things I do perplex me, other things perplex me when they don't work...blogger perplexed me when it published this post without me telling it's a perplexing life :)

Would you like a holiday right about now?
YES. Girly Kavos-esque holiday, cultured Europe holiday, travel cliche Australia holiday..TAKE ME AWAY.

Lots of Harry Potter around lately (Kate's nerdiness and that quiz on facey-b (which is a CON. I am not Gryffindor. I wanted Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw)) so here's some HP themes pics.

 I think this is amazing and if you don't, I don't know what's wrong with you.

This owl picture has always amused me when I watch the film.

LOLOLOL. I do like Twilight but it's just so easy to take the piss out of :)

I keep looking at that middle pic and chuckling.
Ok, soz, I'm actually done now :)

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

I Always Find Something Wrong.

Ok. So usually my attention span for youtube videos is about 5 minutes. I can sometimes expand to 8 minutes if its particularly good. That is why when I was told by the boy to watch Kanye West's 34 minutes and 33 second long film I was hesitant. But after watching the video for the single Runaway I was intrigued by the pretty ballet dancers (it also helps that I have listened to Runaway 26 times in a day and a half). So yes. If Kanye's songs and dodgy acting and arty videos with women scantily clad in feathers are your thing I strongly suggest you take half an hour to watch this :)

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Me Vs Everything. Update.

6 episodes of The O.C.later Ryan has officially moved in to the Cohen's pool house, Seth met Anna and kissed Summer, Jimmy's fraud got found out, Julie started flirting with Caleb, Marissa lost her virginity to Luke much to Ryan's despair and I am ready to put clothes on and go celebrate Rebecca getting old.


Me Vs Everything.

You ever get those days whe you just cba with the world? When you're angry at everyone and everything for no reason? Phone is off, facebook is NOT being browsed (big thing for me)...lots of sighing and whining to people close by. Luckily The O.C. season one boxset arrived today so I can go hide in the shower whilst blasting some tunes and then wallow in their sunny, complicated lives whislt perving at Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson. I do love them both so.

I think my main problem is boredom. I want to visit uni people but have no money and no appropriate time to do so. Emma should expect a visit very soon. I may dig into my Grandad's money. It kind of counts as travelling and he would want me to see friends..and take more awesome photos ;)

So thats my little whinge over. You may now carry on with your day, thankful that you don't have to live with me and my miserable face :) Hopefully The O.C. will improve my mood so I am capable of socialising later without having a face like a smacked arse (I never have understood that saying..does a smacked arse look miserable??).

Final pic that amused me...

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Whether The Weather...

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll whether the weather,
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not.

I like summer. I dislike winter. I dislike even more autumn. Yes it's pretty, blahblahblah, BUT what does one wear?? Sometimes it is actually quite warm..sometimes the sun will be out but it is actually quite fresh..sometimes the sun will be out, one will assume it is ok to just wear a skirt, t shirt, boots and "Oasis" "tramp" coat when actually it is very chilly and then later it will pour down and one will be very wet and very cold. Which is what happened yesterday :|

I dislike winter as I don't like it being cold and I don't like it being dark BUT at least when it's winter you KNOW it's cold. You KNOW to wear winter coat, maybs scarf, gloves, DEFFO tights, maybe even socks as well.

So if the weather could hurry up and decide what it fecking wants to be I will be a happy bunny :)

Look at her in her thin shirt and teeny tiny shorts. She'll be freezing!
It's a good job she has a big man to wrap her legs around to keep warm..

Sunday, 17 October 2010

New York, I Love You.

,Just found this video over at New York Portraits. This band, Atomic Tom (check them out, they're pretty good), played on the subway using iPhones as instruments. It is good.

With all this New York related stuff I thought it would be a good time to do a New York post. Still very much in a Paris mood but I definitely wouldn't say no if someone offered me a ticket to New York. I blame Gossip Girl, various films and TV programmes and Emma (for her photos after her trip there). There's just so many iconic places that I want to go to just to see them for myself and not on telly or someone else's photos. I also wouldn't mind doing the find a dingy flat, work in a bar (because it would have to be a bar in New York), mong around the city thing. OR live in a nice town house on the upper east side. Either would do me fine :)

You know you love me.

Friday, 15 October 2010

C'est Un Cliché, Non?

I want to go to Paris. And Italy actually. And Greece (proper Greek island, not over run with youths Kavos). And New York. And California. And Japan. And Australia. But for now we shall concentrate on Paris.

Not only did Gossip Girl spend the first few episodes in Paris but one of my favourite films, Moulin Rouge, is set there. AND I watched the Da Vinci Code last night which just reminded me that I have not yet been.

I would love to go there and get some dingy room like Christian in Moulin Rouge and just work in a little cafe and mong around Paris. But I can't really see that happening. Mainly because my B grade knowledge of French GSCE has greatly diminished.
Bonjour, je m'appelle Jo et je suis dix-huit ans(??). J'habite en Anglaterre(?). J'ai oublie mon cahier. Ooh la la, la fleur.
...I don't think it will get me far :/

(The TGI Friday's Makes me sceptical that this is actually Paris, but I like it nonetheless.)

I'm definitely going to have to watch Moulin Rouge and Passport To Paris at the weekend.

Enjoy this pretty appropriate tune :)

Monday, 11 October 2010


First of cool are these??

If only I could have these nails..alas I have neither the artistic talent nor the ability to go 3 days without my nail varnish being chipped..

ANYWAY. I'm actually here to throw another song at you..I rediscovered this one on my ipod of the reasons I like it is because its pretty country but its says "fuck". Its a bit of a contrast and I like it :)

It's a bit like Little Lion Man which is kinda folky but also has a nice angry "fucked" in it..(deffo my fave Mumford & Sons song btw)

(Oh and if you liked the Ryan Adams song you should check out Wonderwall and Where The Stars Go Blue which are both V depressing but I like them :) If you didn't like the song, apologies.)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Oh. I See.

I knew when you followed me it was just so I would follow you back. So I did. It seemed correct blogger etiquette. And I never expected many followers tbh. But when you unfollowed. That hurt. So I unfollowed you. So yeah...

ANYWAY. Pointless blogger bitterness aside..

New Foals video I am in love with.

This is the text I received from the boy after I told him to watch it..
"Another deep and meaningful video by foals. They are amazing. Yannis must be very emotional. I love him. I love foals."
Yeah, you should hear him talk about Spanish Sahara...
(Which is actually an amazing song/video. If you havn't heard/seen, listen/watch and describe it as beautiful :D The bit where it kicks in about 3.40-4.15 gives me goosebumps :) )

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Blah Blah Blah 30 Day Challenge.

I'm bored of it. :) So I'm going to pick out a few that I like and do them and then FINISH IT FOREVER. And see how I get on with blogging freestyle :)

Put Your iPod On Shuffle. First 10 Songs That Play.
   (Please bear in mind my ipod has not been updated since about May. So there will be no up to date BANGIN choones.)
  1. Coldplay - Yellow
  2. Mark Ronson Feat. Daniel Merriweather - Stop Me
  3. Newton Faulkner - Uncomfortably Slow
  4. Chase & Status Feat. Plan B - End Credits
  5. Blink 182 - First Date
  6. Hadouken! - Tuning In
  7. Enter Shikari - Sorry You're Not A Winner
  8. Taking Back Sunday - Miami
  9. The Killers - Bones
  10. The Kooks - Naive
Someone You Would Want To Switch Lives With For One Day And Why.
A cat. So I could mong about all day..maybe have a wonder around outside..get a nice scratch behind the ear, get fed. ..
Oooorrrrrr Ke$ha :D

Nicknames You Have; Why Do You Have Them.
Most of my names are from my actual name. Although most people call me Jo so when they call me Josephine I see it as a nickname. (Not my mum though. My mum calls me Josephine. If she ever calls me Jo it just sounds wrong.) Also I have been/am called - Joseph, Joey,  Joeybabes, JoJo, Phine ("Feen", only called that by my cousin but it makes a nice change from the Jo names). Also Pegleg, Pegasus...and that one guy that one time :D

Someone You See Yourself Marrying/Being With In The Future.
Someone tall..messy, shaggy hair (but not TOO shaggy..I'm quite picky about hair length :) )..maybe with an accent, maybe a bit posh..maybe a little bit musical, plays an instrument, sings......maybe Robert Pattinson? (Soz, how cliche can I get, but I'm a sucker for the trampy look :) )

Something You Crave For A Lot.
Cake and ice cream (Spoons' is my fave :) ).
Various flavour crisps.

What I would Find In Your Bag.
ALWAYS (unless I forget something, which if I do, ruins my day) - ipod, money, phone, keys.
Usually a lot of rubbish - leaflets, tissues, food wrappers...

A Picture Of You One Year Two Years Ago And How You've Changed.

My hair's longer and I don't have that fringe business.
My "style" has progressed on from Batman hoodies and Mighty Boosh t shirts.
I drink more :)
I take more photos (don't let the camera in my hand fool you, it was for a photography trip back when I liked the idea of being arty..I soon gave that up :) )
I'm generally more happy with myself. (Soz, had to get that bit of mush in there for a finisher :D )

Actually, for the finisher have this song..I'm watching Ferris Bueller's Day Off which is a pretty good film which contains this amazing tune :)

(This particular post has been through a lot. Apologies for wrong font colour/weird spacing. I cba right now :) )

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day 11 - Another Picture Of You And Your Friends.

(Yeah, I'm doing a few in one because I think I missed a few days and also I'm getting bored of the whole thing but refuse to not finish it :) )

This was part of a very nice shopping trip to London. Like I said, normally I can't stand shopping but it was relatively faff-free and I was fed and watered throughout the day so had no complaints. Grace did wear that hat all day..I think it was a had to be there type thing but oh how we lolled. Minnjamin will hopefully be wearing that hat at any opportunity when it gets colder. I, unfortunately, did not buy the tiger hat. I'm just not a hat person, otherwise I would've been straight in there. Although Grace said she did see someone in the hat in Grinstead, and walking past someone with the same tiger head hat would've just been embarrassing, so maybe it's for the best :)

Day 10 - Songs You Listen To When You Are...

Chromeo - Bonafied Lovin, Fancy Footwork.
The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You.
George Michael - Faith.
New Found Glory - Kiss Me.
Stereophonics - You Sexy Thing.
Sugarcult - Shaking.
Team Waterpolo - Letting Go.
(I could go on, I have a whole happy playlist)

Biffy Clyro - Machines.
Bloc Party - Signs.
Brett Dennen - Ain't Gonna Lose You.
The Broken Family Band - It's All Over.
Coldplay - Pretty much all of them tbh.
Damien Rice - Pretty much all of them tbh.
The Fray - Heartless.
Low - Sunflower.
Other Lives - Black Tables.
Paper Route - You Kill Me.
(Ok, stopping now because basically my whole sleep playlist is sad songs and I'll be here forever.)
Oh no, I have to put:
You Me At Six - Stay With Me, Fireworks.

General Fiasco - Ever So Shy, Sinking Ships (basically the whole Buildings album)
Red Light Company - Scheme Eugene, The Architect (basically the whole Fine Fasicnation Album)

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Let's Make Out.
Simian Mobile Disco - Audacity Of Huge.
DJ Fresh - Hypercaine.
Any Kavos song (Aggro Santos - Rhythym And Flow, Inna - Hot, Chuckie & LMFAO - Miami Bitch, Ludacris - Money Maker, Swedish House Mafia Feat. Pharell - One, Major Laser - Pon De Floor, Serani - No Games, Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup - We No Speak Americano.)

Most Enter Shikari songs. Very good for an angry at the world mood.
Amy Studt - Just A Little Girl, Ladder In My Tights.
You Me At Six - Playing The Blame Game, Hard To Swallow.
Attack! Attack! - Honesty, Lost For Words. (Pretty much that whole album)

Wow. I could put so many more songs but I can imagine just reading a list of songs isn't too interesting. Apologies.

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Whatever Makes You Happy.

Three posts in one day? Well. I just saw the trailer for The Social Network and am now OUTRAGED it isn't the same on as the one I watched on youtube a while ago. Mainly because of the song.

Haunting, yes? Ha.

The song is by Scala & Kolacny Brothers  (some Belgian choir and composers). They're sooo goood. They've covered songs like With Or Without You, The Blower's Daughter, Perfect Day, Walking After personal faves are Creep and this..

It's not my usual thing but I do like a good cover :)

OK, Right.

I know the cliche would be for me to sigh and say "men" in that world weary tone. But actually "women". Seriously. Some girls can be absolute knobs sometimes. Inconsiderate I would say. Like jeeeeez. But then again guys can be absolute knobs as well. Hmm. I'm just hating on the world right now. I blame shopping with my mum. Yes she bought me some stuff and for that I love her. But she takes SO LONG. And I dislike shopping anyway. It gives me a headache. It's the other people. Like seriously. GET OUT MY WAY.

Oh and I saw ANOTHER pair of shoes that I love and NEED and they didn't have them in my size. FML.

I don't know who Bukowski is but he talks some sense.

Day 09 - Something You’re Proud Of In The Past Few Days.

Yeah, I've been trying to put this one off as I have done pretty much nothing to be proud of...I worked my first shift EVER behind the bar and I think I coped quite well for major disasters...apart from that...hmm..

OH. And I just worked out why when I put my photos on the computer they're smaller than usual and not as good quality. I have now fixed it so next time they will be nice and big. YAY.

Seeing as this "proud" post was a bit of a fail have this song..old but a TUNE.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Day 08 - Short Term Goals For This Month And Why.

(Seeing as this month is nearly over, I'll take it as next month :) )

Get a job. In town. Don't quit after 1 shift.
Yeah The Plough isn't going to last because it's too much of a hassle getting home after a late shift. If only I could drive..but to learn to drive I need a's a pickle. (And yes, I know I should've thought about the distance BEFORE I told Grace I would gladly have her job, especially after she said "You'll need to find a way home and sometimes you don't finish until 12/1am." BUT I was very desperate and on the wrong side of a bottle of Jacques by that point. (Yes, once again, alcohol is my excuse :D ) )

Get at least to J in sorting out my iTunes.
IT'S SO DULL. I have to go through my iPod, listen to the songs and decide which ones I actually want to keep (I'm trying to be brutal to delay the ever depressing "there is not enough room on your iPod" message) AND THEN download the song/album on to my laptop and make sure all the info is correct and has capitals on my iTunes. So far, after about a month, I have made it to the end of artists beginning with B. I have no discipline. BUT the sooner I get it done, the sooner I can have new music on my pod :)

Give this girl a massive shout out and say "her Welsh accent is actually pretty amazing and the first time I heard it I was half asleep and so didn't hear it properly".

Minn's Welsh accent is actually pretty amazing etc etc.

YEAH. One out of three goals achieved. It's a good day :)

Monday, 27 September 2010

Day 07 - A Picture Of Someone/Something That Has The Biggest Impact On You.

Eurgh. This seems like the kind of post I won't be able to do without getting all deep and profound and generally sounding like a douche. So here's some pictures that amuse me instead.

Ha. Guys dressed as rabbits...

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ten Things I Learnt Today.

  1. Chefs have no time for me and my faffing.
  2. Chefs dislike if you tip the plate so soup goes up the side of the part they just cleaned.
  3. Dogs don't understand "excuse me".
  4. The Reading wristband is a good conversation starter but the length of the conversation is greatly shortened if you have a brain block and forget all the bands you saw.
  5. I am taller than I think and should really check if ducking would be a good idea before just waltzing through a door.
  6. I should properly check there is no one on the other side of the kitchen door before just kicking it open.
  7. Some customers can be really nice if they know you're new. Which is nice. But the patronising look on one of their faces was not.
  8. Pain perdu is just a posh way of saying eggy bread. Most people do not know this and will need it explained. They will then ask why the menu doesn't just say eggy bread. I have not learnt the answer to that today.
  9. I am always in the way. (OK, I learnt that a while ago, but it's always nice to have it re-confirmed.)
  10. Learned and learnt mean the same thing but learnt is typically British :)
(Oh, by the way, in case you're not keeping up, I started my new job at the pub today :) )

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Day 06 - Favourite Super Hero And Why.

It's going to be slightly embarrassing how much thought I have put into this. But I have thought about it before...

Look at him JC-ing with his girl. What a babe.

He's better than Superman because Superman is an alien. It's wrong.
He's better than Batman because Batman is moody and doesn't actually have any super powers.

And those are the only superhero films/TV shows I have watched.

Spiderman was just a normal guy that got bitten by a mutated spider. Which means there's hope for me becoming a superhero as long as I can find the right mutated spider :D

Spiderman also wins because of this..
It will get stuck in your head all day.