Monday, 1 November 2010

Lazy Blogging.

Feeling uninspired. So theived this off Kate.

When was the last time you went to a funeral?
I never have. The only one I've ever had a chance to go to was my Grandad's when I was 11 but I didn't want to go. (That was nothing against him btw, I just didn't fancy a funeral)

Do you like flowers?
They're alright. I like it in the summer when my mum gets nice bright ones. I'm not an overly floral person though.

When you last drank alcohol, how much did you drink?
Er, it must've been on a Kopperberg..2/3 glasses of least 2 VKs but it all gets rather hazy then :/

And did you get drunk because of it?
Yep. Thankfully to my bank account it doesn't take much :)

Who are you listening to right now?
Cold War Kids. Still got my pod on shuffle from the walk home from work, CWK are usually a band that doesn't get skipped through.

What perfume do you wear?
I don't. I've always liked the idea of having a "signiture scent" but most perfumes have this weird smell that gets to the back of my throat. They're also expensive and MAJOR cba to find one I like. So it's Charlie Pink body spray for me :D

Would you like to have a black bedroom?
Black bedrooms remind me of Tracy Beaker (I think she had one in The Dare Game or summink?) To be honest my bedroom walls are covered with stuff anyway so the colour of the walls doesn't really matter. I wouldn't mind a whole wall of blackboard though..something to doodle on :)

Do you still own any VHS tapes?
YES. We still have all our videos from childhood (although The Parent Trap seems to have gone walkabout :( )..luckily my TV, although about 12 inches wide, is one of those TV/VHS player combi things so I get to watch fuzzy videos whenever the urge hits me :)

Have you ever fallen in love with a best friend?
No. Done.

Does your house have a fireplace?
No. But dw, Santa can still get in using his magic key :)

Is there anything you want to do but are afraid to?
Nope. There are things I want to do (drive, travel) but I'm not currently doing them due to money/lack of organisational skills :)

When was the last time you got a haircut?
September? I'm not very good at getting my takes about a month of me telling people I need a haircut before I actually get round to booking one.

When was the last time you yawned?
I don't know, it's not really something I keep a record of.

Have you ever thought you would never get over someone?
Probs. But I'm over them now so it's all good :)

Do you prefer My Chemical Romance or Fall Out Boy?
I love them both but I think due to the solid year of fanaticism when I was 15/16 I'm going to have to say FOB :D

Have you had eight glasses of water today? 
No but I've had quite a bit though, I drunk a lot at work and I always carry a bottle of water round with me (I am not a happy person when dehydrated.)

Do you have any nerdy hobbies?
I would like to say reading but I havn't read in aaaages mainly because I havn't had a good book. But I do really like reading. I also like learning (that sounds weird right? But I like understanding stuff..even if it is football) if that counts as a "hobby". And I used to really enjoy writing philosophy essays. I liked arguing a point and then finding a counter argument and then finding a counter counter arguemnt...again not really a HOBBY but probs a bit nerdy :/

Say something nice about someone you don't care for: many people to choose from...ok.....some of your clothes are nice.

Would you rather work for a long time without doing much work or for a shorter time but be rushed off your feet?
First one. I hate it when everyone working in a place gets stressed and then I get stressed and then I muck something up and everyone hates me......working busy nights at Spoons will be AWESOME.

What was the last thing to perplex you?
I don't know. Things people do perplex me, things I do perplex me, other things perplex me when they don't work...blogger perplexed me when it published this post without me telling it's a perplexing life :)

Would you like a holiday right about now?
YES. Girly Kavos-esque holiday, cultured Europe holiday, travel cliche Australia holiday..TAKE ME AWAY.

Lots of Harry Potter around lately (Kate's nerdiness and that quiz on facey-b (which is a CON. I am not Gryffindor. I wanted Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw)) so here's some HP themes pics.

 I think this is amazing and if you don't, I don't know what's wrong with you.

This owl picture has always amused me when I watch the film.

LOLOLOL. I do like Twilight but it's just so easy to take the piss out of :)

I keep looking at that middle pic and chuckling.
Ok, soz, I'm actually done now :)


  1. Hahaha these pictures have made my morning.

  2. love the pictures, I did laugh out loud a little!