Sunday, 30 January 2011

Love And Other Drugs.

Watched this the other day. It was good, a littlbe bit too schmaltzy in places but worth a watch. Especially if you have a desire to see Jake Gyllenhaal's bum or Anne Hathaway's boobs because they are naked A LOT.

Fell a little bit in love with Anne Hathaway's apartment though. It was kind of messy (mine would be messy organised, I'm not sure how she had it) and there were chairs to curl up in and a roll top bath in the middle of the room and it was all open plan and nice. Would probably get a bit cold seeing as one wall was covered in windows but I could definitely put up with that :)

Oh and if Jake Gyllenhaal popped round with Chinese every now an then that would be good too :)

Thursday, 27 January 2011


After weeks of perusing, Topshop has come through for me..

Currently sold out in my size and I don't have anything to wear it with but look how pretty! 
Considering going back to my old school days with Converse like shoes..hmm..

Did have a Beatles T Shirt last summer but I feel this one is slightly more mature :D

Still have mega love for my purple sunnies from last year..but feel it's time for a change..

Still undecided but love the colours.

Usually go for a brighter blue but kind of love this a little bit.

So there you go. Will probably take me too long to get round to buying them and they'll all be sold out but HOPEFULLY I'll have the lot for Summer....unless I change my mind.......which I may do.....

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Girl Crush.

First fell in love with her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which is a really good film by the way. If you havn't seen it I urge you to, it's really funny and Jason Segal and Russell Brand are both really good in it. AND Paul Rudd who is good in pretty much everything :) ). She's also in Black Swan but I'm not allowed to watch that yet because a certain someone wants to watch it too. So am currently just having a perve at her. Enjoy.

Monday, 10 January 2011


Stolen off Kate AGAIN. (Soz Kate, I will blog on my own soon)..seeing if I can get back into blogging seeing as I'm going to be unemployed in 3 weeks (quit the dry cleaners, hopefully going to college next year to do a childcare course, gonna try and learn to drive in the space inbetween, fingers crossed :) )

ANYWAYS. Read a lot of stuff about me because I actually really enjoy talking about myself :)

1. The person you like and why you like them.
Fozdog init. Cause he's tall and has crazy hair in the mornings and nice hips and he's nice :)
2. A famous person you've been compared to.
 I think it's the nose..

3. Five things that irritate you about the opposite sex.
Ermm...I kinda wanna say lazyness but I can't really speak when it comes to that :/ Probs that they can pee standing up and we can''s unfair.
4. The best thing to happen to you this week.
I quit my job :)

5. Weird things you do when you're alone.
Have little raves in the living room. When I used to walk home from a late shift at Spoons I liked singing out loud because there was no one around and I could :)
6. How you'd spend £10,000.
Learn to drive, buy a car, go on holiday. go to Reading, buy a summer wardrobe.
This is actually what I'm planning to do with the £10,000 (which over the last year has sadly dwindled to £8,500) that my Grandad left me :)

7. Things you like/don't like about the way you look.
If I get the right angle/when I first get up in the morning I like my hips. Would like sliightly bigger boobs and for everything else to be sliiiightly more toned. And maybe slightly more regular sized feet.
8. Your last night out in detail.
 It snowed and I drank souhern comfort and lemonades at my house then walked to Spoons in my wellies with Hannah and Lauren and I thought Foster wouldn't be able to come but then he managed to get a taxi and I saw loads of people that had been at uni and we went to Kuba and on the way we met Meg who made me go back to Spoons and then we wnet to Kuba and then appazza Bliss and we left Bliss at like 1 and I complained to Foster that he didn't take me to megabites all the way home. Oh and I fell off my bed and hit my head on my bedside table. But I blank after the first shot at Kuba.
9. Something that makes you sad when you think about it.
Family members dying. (touch wood) But it's not something I regularly think about :)
10. One thing you've lied about.
Errr..I don't know, I havn't lied for ages. Truth is the way forward :)
11. Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with someone you love for ten years or someone you hate for a month?
Well what kind of desert island? Is there food? What do I have with me? Tools? A builder? Are there clever monkeys that will accept us as one of them and build as shelter? I need details to answer such a question.
12. Something you're currently worrying about.
Whether college will accept me or not.
13. Name one celebrity you'd throw off a cliff, one you'd marry and one you'd shag.
Throw off a cliff - Westwood
Marry - Jake Gyllenhaal
Shag - Robert Pattinson

14. A habit you wish you didn't have.
Biting my lips

15. Lyrics that apply to your current situation/mood.
Yeah, I'm just gonna go scour all the lyrics of all the songs to find some that fit me right now.
16. A drunken story.
I don't know I forget stuff a lot..

17. Something you regret.
One or two slaggy moments..
18. To do list.
- Make a sammich for tomorrow
- Shower
- Maybs have a hot chocolate
- Sleep
19. Post a picture of yourself without your make-up or hair done.
                            Reading and Kavos were the only times I havn't even done my fringe :)

20. Your best sexual experience.
Well I'm sure you don't want details but it's deffo been in the last 6 months :)
21. Press ctrl and v.
It just put Kate's survey answers up here..which I'm sure you've already read :)
22. Post a bit of your last IM conversation.
"ok :):) whatcha doing schweeeethaaaarrrtttttt? :):)"
23. 5 things you want to change.
This whole "work all the time" system the world has going on.
The season.
Foster's christmas present.
My mum's christmas present.
The current holiday situation. In that I woiuld like it to be booked and organised instead of what it is now, which is just a load of pages in a brochure with the corner folded over.

24. 5 turn-ons and 5 turn-offs.
Turn Ons
Good height.
Good hair.
Good taste in music.
Good sense of humour.
Good clothes.

Turn Offs
Smells bad.
Have nothing in common.
Long nails.

25. Someone you'd like to be for a day and why.
Katy Perry. Or Russell Brand. Either would do :)

26. Five things within touching distance right now.
Laptop, phone, laptop charger, bed, pjs.

27. Name and shame - someone on Facebook who makes you cringe.
OBVIOUSLY not gonna say a name because I'm slightly two faced but there's a few couples that need to be stopped.

28. An embarassing/socially awkward situation you've found yourself in.
Errrmmm...well I've never booked a holiday before, the other day I went into Thomas Cook and sat down and the woman got up, got some brochures and gave them to me. And I had to hurridly get up and leave/run away :)

29. Something you're not proud of.
I'm not proud of a lot of things, the trick is to try not to regret too much :)
30. The last argument you had.
With my mumma. About quitting dry cleaners. It wasn't really an argument. She bascially said I should keep working and I said no :)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Need Some Therapy.

SUP. Been a while. But I need to have a vent about life.

Turns out full time work is DULL. Drag self out of bed at half 7, go to work, bag some clothes, deal with customers, ask someone else how to deal with them because I have no idea, bag some more clothes, go home, go to bed at like 10 because I'm knackered. Next day, repeat. Next day, repeat. Next day, repeat.


I do miss monging about and not having to be anywhere and being free to do anything any day of the week..but I don't think I'd mind having to be at work 9 hours a day if it was something I cared about. But I just don't care if the jacket is on the hanger straight or if the shirt is completely crease free. Or if this customer doesn't like the cuffs folded up or if this customer prefers the hangers tied together with string instead of sellotape.

Thing is I'm not sure what I do care about...considered working in a nursery but you need qualifications and cba to go to college, especially as the rents are itching to move abroad and so need me to have a job so I can move out...I like music, I like films, I like books...I have no discernible talents or special skills. I did alright at school but have no common sense to speak of. Which basically means my CV looks alright but actually I'm pretty incompetent. And apparently I get bored easily.

I've never really known what I wanted to do with life. I think I considered being a vet when I was like 7 but I think everybody did at that age, mainly due to Animal Hospital and Vets In Practice (quality programmes). But I was always told that it didn't matter because I had ages to decide. And then I had to pick options for GCSE. Again, it didn't matter, I was told to just pick what I enjoyed. And then I had to pick A Levels. These meant a bit more and should have been specific to a career choice. But alas I, like many others, still had no idea so again just chose subjects I enjoyed (or at least thought I'd enjoy, psychology being something of a let down, have to say). And then I decided against uni and now I'm stuck. I'm not sure whether uni would have been a better choice or would have just delayed this stuck-ness by 3 years. Probs the latter as there were a few people with degrees who had ended up working in Spoons. I would have probs been one of those people.

SO BASICALLY. If anyone has any knowledge of a career/job that's fun, has a decent pay, doesn't require any special qualifications past a few random A Levels and is in walking distance from my house hit me up. Ta :)

(They're Kid Cudi lyrics so it's cool and not cheesy ok? Just so we're clear :) )