Thursday, 6 January 2011

Need Some Therapy.

SUP. Been a while. But I need to have a vent about life.

Turns out full time work is DULL. Drag self out of bed at half 7, go to work, bag some clothes, deal with customers, ask someone else how to deal with them because I have no idea, bag some more clothes, go home, go to bed at like 10 because I'm knackered. Next day, repeat. Next day, repeat. Next day, repeat.


I do miss monging about and not having to be anywhere and being free to do anything any day of the week..but I don't think I'd mind having to be at work 9 hours a day if it was something I cared about. But I just don't care if the jacket is on the hanger straight or if the shirt is completely crease free. Or if this customer doesn't like the cuffs folded up or if this customer prefers the hangers tied together with string instead of sellotape.

Thing is I'm not sure what I do care about...considered working in a nursery but you need qualifications and cba to go to college, especially as the rents are itching to move abroad and so need me to have a job so I can move out...I like music, I like films, I like books...I have no discernible talents or special skills. I did alright at school but have no common sense to speak of. Which basically means my CV looks alright but actually I'm pretty incompetent. And apparently I get bored easily.

I've never really known what I wanted to do with life. I think I considered being a vet when I was like 7 but I think everybody did at that age, mainly due to Animal Hospital and Vets In Practice (quality programmes). But I was always told that it didn't matter because I had ages to decide. And then I had to pick options for GCSE. Again, it didn't matter, I was told to just pick what I enjoyed. And then I had to pick A Levels. These meant a bit more and should have been specific to a career choice. But alas I, like many others, still had no idea so again just chose subjects I enjoyed (or at least thought I'd enjoy, psychology being something of a let down, have to say). And then I decided against uni and now I'm stuck. I'm not sure whether uni would have been a better choice or would have just delayed this stuck-ness by 3 years. Probs the latter as there were a few people with degrees who had ended up working in Spoons. I would have probs been one of those people.

SO BASICALLY. If anyone has any knowledge of a career/job that's fun, has a decent pay, doesn't require any special qualifications past a few random A Levels and is in walking distance from my house hit me up. Ta :)

(They're Kid Cudi lyrics so it's cool and not cheesy ok? Just so we're clear :) )

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