Sunday, 30 January 2011

Love And Other Drugs.

Watched this the other day. It was good, a littlbe bit too schmaltzy in places but worth a watch. Especially if you have a desire to see Jake Gyllenhaal's bum or Anne Hathaway's boobs because they are naked A LOT.

Fell a little bit in love with Anne Hathaway's apartment though. It was kind of messy (mine would be messy organised, I'm not sure how she had it) and there were chairs to curl up in and a roll top bath in the middle of the room and it was all open plan and nice. Would probably get a bit cold seeing as one wall was covered in windows but I could definitely put up with that :)

Oh and if Jake Gyllenhaal popped round with Chinese every now an then that would be good too :)

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