Saturday, 2 October 2010

OK, Right.

I know the cliche would be for me to sigh and say "men" in that world weary tone. But actually "women". Seriously. Some girls can be absolute knobs sometimes. Inconsiderate I would say. Like jeeeeez. But then again guys can be absolute knobs as well. Hmm. I'm just hating on the world right now. I blame shopping with my mum. Yes she bought me some stuff and for that I love her. But she takes SO LONG. And I dislike shopping anyway. It gives me a headache. It's the other people. Like seriously. GET OUT MY WAY.

Oh and I saw ANOTHER pair of shoes that I love and NEED and they didn't have them in my size. FML.

I don't know who Bukowski is but he talks some sense.

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