Sunday, 3 October 2010

Day 11 - Another Picture Of You And Your Friends.

(Yeah, I'm doing a few in one because I think I missed a few days and also I'm getting bored of the whole thing but refuse to not finish it :) )

This was part of a very nice shopping trip to London. Like I said, normally I can't stand shopping but it was relatively faff-free and I was fed and watered throughout the day so had no complaints. Grace did wear that hat all day..I think it was a had to be there type thing but oh how we lolled. Minnjamin will hopefully be wearing that hat at any opportunity when it gets colder. I, unfortunately, did not buy the tiger hat. I'm just not a hat person, otherwise I would've been straight in there. Although Grace said she did see someone in the hat in Grinstead, and walking past someone with the same tiger head hat would've just been embarrassing, so maybe it's for the best :)

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