Friday, 15 October 2010

C'est Un Cliché, Non?

I want to go to Paris. And Italy actually. And Greece (proper Greek island, not over run with youths Kavos). And New York. And California. And Japan. And Australia. But for now we shall concentrate on Paris.

Not only did Gossip Girl spend the first few episodes in Paris but one of my favourite films, Moulin Rouge, is set there. AND I watched the Da Vinci Code last night which just reminded me that I have not yet been.

I would love to go there and get some dingy room like Christian in Moulin Rouge and just work in a little cafe and mong around Paris. But I can't really see that happening. Mainly because my B grade knowledge of French GSCE has greatly diminished.
Bonjour, je m'appelle Jo et je suis dix-huit ans(??). J'habite en Anglaterre(?). J'ai oublie mon cahier. Ooh la la, la fleur.
...I don't think it will get me far :/

(The TGI Friday's Makes me sceptical that this is actually Paris, but I like it nonetheless.)

I'm definitely going to have to watch Moulin Rouge and Passport To Paris at the weekend.

Enjoy this pretty appropriate tune :)

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