Thursday, 7 October 2010

Oh. I See.

I knew when you followed me it was just so I would follow you back. So I did. It seemed correct blogger etiquette. And I never expected many followers tbh. But when you unfollowed. That hurt. So I unfollowed you. So yeah...

ANYWAY. Pointless blogger bitterness aside..

New Foals video I am in love with.

This is the text I received from the boy after I told him to watch it..
"Another deep and meaningful video by foals. They are amazing. Yannis must be very emotional. I love him. I love foals."
Yeah, you should hear him talk about Spanish Sahara...
(Which is actually an amazing song/video. If you havn't heard/seen, listen/watch and describe it as beautiful :D The bit where it kicks in about 3.40-4.15 gives me goosebumps :) )

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  1. who would ever unfollow you? you post good music (Y)