Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ten Things I Learnt Today.

  1. Chefs have no time for me and my faffing.
  2. Chefs dislike if you tip the plate so soup goes up the side of the part they just cleaned.
  3. Dogs don't understand "excuse me".
  4. The Reading wristband is a good conversation starter but the length of the conversation is greatly shortened if you have a brain block and forget all the bands you saw.
  5. I am taller than I think and should really check if ducking would be a good idea before just waltzing through a door.
  6. I should properly check there is no one on the other side of the kitchen door before just kicking it open.
  7. Some customers can be really nice if they know you're new. Which is nice. But the patronising look on one of their faces was not.
  8. Pain perdu is just a posh way of saying eggy bread. Most people do not know this and will need it explained. They will then ask why the menu doesn't just say eggy bread. I have not learnt the answer to that today.
  9. I am always in the way. (OK, I learnt that a while ago, but it's always nice to have it re-confirmed.)
  10. Learned and learnt mean the same thing but learnt is typically British :)
(Oh, by the way, in case you're not keeping up, I started my new job at the pub today :) )


  1. Ah. These are generally story of my life. I am forever in the way of the kitchen..At my work all you have to do is deliver a few innuendo's and flirt with them then they come to accept that you have no interest in serving their food.

  2. Ha! Thanks, I'll keep that in mind :)