Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Day 08 - Short Term Goals For This Month And Why.

(Seeing as this month is nearly over, I'll take it as next month :) )

Get a job. In town. Don't quit after 1 shift.
Yeah The Plough isn't going to last because it's too much of a hassle getting home after a late shift. If only I could drive..but to learn to drive I need a's a pickle. (And yes, I know I should've thought about the distance BEFORE I told Grace I would gladly have her job, especially after she said "You'll need to find a way home and sometimes you don't finish until 12/1am." BUT I was very desperate and on the wrong side of a bottle of Jacques by that point. (Yes, once again, alcohol is my excuse :D ) )

Get at least to J in sorting out my iTunes.
IT'S SO DULL. I have to go through my iPod, listen to the songs and decide which ones I actually want to keep (I'm trying to be brutal to delay the ever depressing "there is not enough room on your iPod" message) AND THEN download the song/album on to my laptop and make sure all the info is correct and has capitals on my iTunes. So far, after about a month, I have made it to the end of artists beginning with B. I have no discipline. BUT the sooner I get it done, the sooner I can have new music on my pod :)

Give this girl a massive shout out and say "her Welsh accent is actually pretty amazing and the first time I heard it I was half asleep and so didn't hear it properly".

Minn's Welsh accent is actually pretty amazing etc etc.

YEAH. One out of three goals achieved. It's a good day :)

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