Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Day 03 - A Picture Of You And Your Friends.


Reading was AWESOME. Camping in a bog with only enough money between two of us to afford three burgers, surviving off Aldi crisps and Strongbow? Waking up at 8 and monging around the campsite until about 5 at which time you would squelch to the arena and watch some pretty good bands? What could be better? Definitely going next year. Even if I have to sell a kidney to afford a ticket.

Unfortunately I didn't see these lovely people as much as I would've liked at Reading. But I do LOVE them. Two of them are selfishly abandoning me to go to uni and will be/are being sorely missed. In fact one of them just rang me to show me how good her Welsh accent has gotten from hanging around with Welsh people (it was average to be honest :D ).

Talking of Welsh...my half brother is visiting with his Welsh girlfriend. She is amazing. PROPER Welsh, seriously like something out of Gavin and Stacey. Little bit mad. Gets really excited over little things, for example the squirrel that was in our garden caused mega excitement. I'll be sorry to see her go :)

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