Monday, 20 September 2010

Day 02 - The Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

Ok. First of all you need to know the name I had on the back of my Kavos T-shirt.

(If you don't know the meaning behind "Pegleg" I can't help you)

I'm afraid the story isn't very interesting. We were trying to find our seats on the plane ("Seat 6A? Straight down there.") and I bagsied the window seat as we walked past a group of LEDZ. One of them said they wanted the window seat. I replied "Gutted" or "Sucks to be you then" or something equally as witty and as I walked away one of them said "Classic Peggers" which freaked me out. HOW DID THEY KNOW ABOUT PEGLEG?! Because it's written in big white letters across my back. Oh.

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