Thursday, 23 September 2010

Day 04 - A Habit That You Wish You Didn’t Have.

A habit I wish I didn’t have. Hmm. Which one to pick.
Ok. I have just been reminded of one by preparing for tonight. I'm going to choose the amount of pictures I take once under the influence of alcohol. It's not that I don't like being the one with the's nice to have a purpose on a night out. But it's the sheer volume of photos I take. On Minn's last night I took 319. IN ONE NIGHT. That's 319 photos to de-red eye, rotate and filter through for ones facebook worthy. Ok, maybe I could filter and THEN de-red eye etc, but I'm slightly OCD when it comes to photos. And anyway, even after I filtered there was 188 photos to upload and caption if appropriate. Now I'm not exactly the busiest of bees but it can get slightly dull. Still, I will continue to do it because deep down I love it. And the billions of notifications I receive because of it :| (pet hate-"this person has made your photo their profile picture". I DON'T CARE. But I kind of do. :/)

If I could I would tell you how many drunken photos I have taken in my 7 months of legal drinking (because I know you care). Unfortuntely due to a grave error on my part I accidently permanently deleted my "2010" folder of photos the other week. I did nearly cry. But luckily the majority are on facey b :D

The photos also help us to remember moments that we had otherwise forgotten. For example this. Meg fell over? Cool.
And maybe if I took less photos I wouldn't catch moments like this.
So maybe it's a habit I don't wish I didn't have.
Which makes this whole post utterly pointless :)

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