Monday, 7 March 2011

30 Day Song Challenge - Day One.

Ok, so I know that my last 30 day challenge was a bit of a fail...but I'm hoping this one will be more successful..although just the first one has proved difficult...

Your (kind of) Favourite Song.

Yeah I admit defeat with this one..I don't have A favourite song..I have songs I like to listen to in certain moods and certain weathers..I have songs I get obsessed about and play on repeat for days/weeks (Sex On Fire by Kings Of Leon was the song that lasted the longest I think but that was about 3 years ago..) and after trawling through my iPod that hasn't been updated since last summer and my itunes and youtube which mainly have things I've got into recently and still not finding my definitive favourite song I give up. So have this because it was the last song I listened to before I gave up :) It's also the 5th most played song on my itunes (number one being Runaway by Kanye West which was an obsession that I got over, numbers two and three being Punching In A Dream and Young Blood and are only higher than Girls Like You because I had them before I had the rest of the album aaand Stay by Hurts which is a mega tune but deffo a winter song and as anyone who has a window, twitter or facebook knows today is sunny and so is spring :) ).

Hey, don't lie, I know you cared about my top 5 most played.

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