Saturday, 12 March 2011

Easy A-vatar.

See what I did there? MEGA LOLZ.

So I'm going to do a little Film 2011 thing..because in my unemployed state I've been watching a LOT of films..

I have just watched Easy A. And I really really liked it. All the characters were good and a bit different and slightly eccentric. The storyline was slightly meh but the characters made it, the main character's parents I thought were especially funny (although I don't think I would cope so well if they were my 'rents :/ ). And thanks to this bit..

..and the fact the song was her ringtone throughout the film I now have it stuck in my head...and keep re-enacting her Sunday night..

AVATAR. I never saw it when it was in cinemas because I refused to see it unless it was in 3D and nobody would go with me. Bad times. But I have now watched it. And think it was pretty good. It looked amazing and I think that it is probably the only film that would be made better by 3D (not a massive fan of 3D generally, think it's pointless TBH)
Storyline was alright, kind of been done before in that the guy gets ordered to do something then falls in love with a girl and is now on her side (slightly reminds me of cheesy american teen movies where the guy is doing something for a bet) but that may be slightly too harsh, it was good and I liked the link thing they had with nature.
Basically if you havn't already watched it, it's worth watching, although at 3 hours pretty long..

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